Reasons Why Boltless Shelving is a Preferred Choice for Material Handling

May 16, 2020 2:52 pm

When a business is involved in the material handling process for basically any product, chances are that the business is going to need access to a significant variety of storage solutions. It is best to go with a type of industrial storage solution that won’t let a booming business down. This often means going with boltless industrial shelving since it is able to provide several incredible benefits to the material handling process.

Versatile Layout Capabilities 
Don’t want storage solutions to be just endless rows of single-sided shelves? No problem! Boltless shelving can be arranged and professionally installed in any space imaginable. This is because this type of shelving does not use any panels or sway braces (depending upon the seismic activity). That means your space can be optimized to its full potential.

This means completely unobstructed access to the materials stored on the shelves, no matter which side or end from which they are being accessed.

Sturdy Enough to Handle a Wide Range of Weights
When a business deals with a variety of different materials or are mainly working with heavier materials like large machinery components or massive stacks of paper products, then it’s going to need some storage solutions that won’t fail when forced to hold up heavier amounts of materials.

This is where boltless steel shelving can really shine thanks to its incredible sturdiness. Depending on the specifics of the boltless industrial shelving, it can typically hold anywhere up to 2,000 pounds and still be structurally sound.

Resistant to Damage
Transporting materials involves the use of a lot of different machinery like pallet jacks, forklift trucks, and other similar equipment. Occasionally, these pieces of equipment might bump into a business’s shelving. When this happens, the shelving needs to withstand this pressure in order to avoid damaging the materials on the shelves. Luckily, boltless steel shelving is incredibly resilient and is not easily impacted by physical force.

These reasons make it quite clear why so many companies rely on boltless shelving for their material handlings. If you want to investigate boltless industrial shelving, then make sure to visit us at WPSS today.





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