Remarkable Features of WPSS’ Crossover Bridges

July 17, 2020 10:30 am

One of the key benefits of conveyor crossover bridges and other similar setups is that they are a pre-engineered solution. They are essentially ready for immediate shipment and deployment in any configuration suitable for the specifics of a space and its needs.

This unique type of system allows for a quick setup and configuration. And it can be achieved within a fraction of the expense needed to set up alternative solutions of the more traditional variety.

Limitless Configuration Options and Flexibility
The way factory crossover bridges are constructed allows you to assemble them in a virtually infinite number of ways. Creating a worker access and protection network within a storage or manufacturing facility has never been easier.

The length of the platforms is also limitless as segments can be connected together to form continuous walkways that run to any distance. Those can be equipped with custom swing safety gates or combined to form tiers connected by ladders and staircases for a complex access grid. Regardless of the specifics and confines of the space in question, this modular system can be fitted to blend into it with perfection.

Rapid Simple Installation
The installation and deployment of crossover bridges is done by professionals with the minimal set of tools by using the pre-engineered connection points. To install conveyor crossover bridges no cutting, drilling or welding is required. Handrails, stairs or ladders are attached to the work platforms using appropriate tools.

Moreover, this type of system can be unbolted and re-purposed at any moment (within the same warehouse) to suit a new space or a changed layout. This can all be accomplished by a small team of two or three installers, saving operational costs and valuable time.

To summarize, the main advantages of our WPSS crossover bridges are:

  1. Improved worker access leads to improved employee productivity
  2. Made of five primary components, allowing for limitless configurations
  3. No welding or drilling, simple and rapid construction using appropriate tools
  4. Extremely safe, reducing the risk of trips, slips and falls to near zero
  5. Pre-engineered modular components that can be used anywhere
  6. Easy to disassemble and reassemble in a new pattern or place

In addition to those benefits, our factory crossover bridges and platforms come with detailed spec sheets and engineering drawings, making them easy to deploy. And of course, we provide expert customer support to our buyers to ensure you get all the answers you need to make this system work.

For more information regarding technical specifications and prices, contact WPSS today.

We are here to help you make the best of your storage or manufacturing facility with conveyor crossover stairs and platforms.

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