Partnering with leading material handling company to bring needed RiveTier® original boltless storage solutions to warehouses across the country

February 9, 2022 8:55 am

Rivtier - Boltless Storage SolutionsA nationwide leader in material handling solutions is on the fast-track to becoming one of the largest providers of shelving and pallet rack solutions in the U.S. They found themselves in need of a boltless storage system for one of their clients in Ohio, a distribution center looking to revamp their warehouse.

Wanting the most effective boltless shelving for the project, the company turned to Western Pacific Storage Solutions (or WPSS), the first manufacturer of boltless shelving.  Original boltless RiveTier® is without peer—because it is the same outstanding product manufactured the way it is supposed to be.

The decision was easy; original boltless RiveTier® was the perfect system for this application. The distribution center specifically was looking for shelving that could help streamline their pick and pack fulfillment processes while being both versatile enough for their ever-changing inventory and durable enough to sustain their heavy loads.

Shelving SystemTo fulfill these requirements , WPSS designed a RiveTier® system, with 3,600 units, 96” wide, 48” deep and 84” high with 5 shelf levels to meet the customer’s needs, satisfying their request for sturdy and flexible units.

The mix and match shelving systems and boltless connections enable natural integration with other low-profile units, allowing them to easily incorporate the structure into their extant systems. And RiveTier® systems allows open picking from both sides, for the quick and convenient pick and pack fulfillment the distribution center was looking for.

The end-user was pleased to have all of their specifications met, and at the right price. And the material handling company was equally as pleased to see that their budding partnership with WPSS was helping satisfy their customers’ needs. WPSS is looking forward to continue growing their partnership with this company, to help bring cost-effective, innovative shelving solutions to warehouses nationwide.

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