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Commercial Storage Racks

RiveTier Boltless Shelving: saving you time and money.

Not only does it assemble in minutes, it’s actually 30% less expensive to assemble than bolted shelving, and 40% lower overall. Offering nine different types of units, your problems are as good as solved.

Long Span Shelving

Longspan Shelving

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Longspan Shelving is the perfect choice when a tough, high capacity system is needed. These longspan racks provide a strong, functional, and economical solution to your most difficult storage problems. From industrial to retail storage, Long Span holds it all.

  • Spans up to 8’ mean fewer posts to obstruct access to your materials
  • Weight capacity up to 1400 pounds per shelf
  • Heights up to 21’ with no splicing
  • Available in 24′ work platform (mezzanine) applications to double your storage space
  • Engineered to your exact specifications
  • Integrates easily with Low Profile units, to meet your specific needs
Low Profile Shelving

Low Profile Shelving

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The versatility of Low Profile Shelving makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, including use with mobile and mezzanine systems. Not to mention, it provides the same profile as metal shelving at a much more economical cost.

  • Spans up to 4’ wide
  • Weight capacity up to 350 pounds per shelf
  • Concealed shelf edge for a cleaner appearance
  • Assembles fast—no special tools or equipment required
  • Shelves adjust easily and quickly
  • Unobstructed access from all four sides
  • Additional units can be added to any side to provide desired depths
  • Low cost units are more economical than metal shelving

Z Beam Shelving Z Beam

Z Beam Shelving combines the best of Long Span and Low Profile, creating a high-capacity system with a low-profile beam. It’s the perfect solution to maximize space in the front office or the backroom.

Record and File Storage Racks
  • Spans up to 6’
  • Weight capacities up to 2400 pounds per shelf (based upon design)
  • Reduced beam profile increases vertical clearance by 1 1/16” per shelf compared to standard SS beam
  • Front of beam is flush with top of shelf, protects the edge

Record and File Storage Shelving

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Efficient record and file storage shelving is a difficult thing to master. Whether you need to maximize your existing space, get better organized, or archive documents and records, RiveTier has the solution. Z Beam Record Archive Shelving and Open File Storage can solve your problems, providing easy access to your materials without wasting space.

Record Archive Box Storage

Record Archive Box Storage Racks
  • Store 20 standard record boxes per shelf
  • Available as single units or multi-level systems
  • No sway braces means total access from all sides
  • No wasted space
  • Easily expandable—a second-level catwalk system can be added to double storage space without adding additional overhead

Open File Storage

Open File Storage Racks
  • Ideal for records not yet ready to be archived
  • Shelves incline 3/8” from front to back, so files stay in place
  • Two bookends included per shelf
  • Units sized for letter or legal sized files
commercial tire storage racks

Tire Storage Racks

Tire storage racks are heavy-duty steel units that are priced as economically as wood.

  • Available in units from 2 to 6 tiers high
  • Attractive enough for the show room, yet durable enough for use in bulk tire storage applications
  • Add-on units can be installed easily and economically with fewer additional posts than other more costly systems
  • Angled beams hold tires in place without the need for locking devices so tires can be easily removed
  • Wall mount and portable units available Optional tire cleat available for economic expansion of base unit
RiveTier Battery Rack

Battery Storage Racks

RiveTier battery storage rack is the only boltless battery rack on the market—our unique design is patented. Sets up in minutes with a rubber mallet

  •  Lanes adjust to accommodate a variety of battery widths
  •   Optional overhead storage makes the most of your floor space
  •   Flow rack guarantees firs-in first-out product rotation.
  •   See your factory certified dealer for product information
RiveTier Muffler Rack

Muffler Racks

RiveTier Muffler Rack makes it a breeze to organize muffler inventory.

  • End tailpipe tangles with our hanging tailpipe rack
Multi-level Storage Systems

Multi-Level Systems

Multi-level Systems can double and even triple your usable storage space without adding overhead. Also features unobstructed access from all four sides and OSHA and IBC approved designs.

  • Maximize your cubic space by making existing storage space more productive
  • Modular design means work platforms (mezzanines) can be easily expanded to meet your changing storage needs
  • Custom engineered to meet your storage requirements—including seismic applications
  • Available for Long Span, Low Profile, and Z Beam systems
RiveTier Work Areas

Work Areas

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RiveTier Work Areas are available in a variety of configurations, from tables and benches to elaborate work stations. Improve your workflow and productivity with a custom design constructed to meet your unique needs. Ideal for use as packing stations, mailing/shipping centers, computer stations, quality control stations, assembly tables, maintenance benches and more.

  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable working height
  • An economical alternative to other ergonomic workstations–compared to others on the market!
  • A variety of work surfaces available to fit your needs
  • Units can be electrically grounded for a safe, worry-free working environment
  • Lower shelf can be added for extra storage
  • All parts are fully interchangeable between Work Area configurations

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial tire storage racks are specialized structures designed for businesses to store tires efficiently. Built to handle the weight and size of numerous tires, these racks ensure that tires remain in prime condition. They are essential for businesses that deal with large volumes of tires, such as auto service centers, tire wholesalers, and large fleet operators. Their robust design ensures longevity and provides an organized system for easy tire retrieval.
Tire storage racks offer multiple benefits. Firstly, they maximize storage space, allowing businesses to store more in limited areas. Secondly, they prevent tire deformities, ensuring tires' longevity. Organized storage means quicker inventory checks and reduced retrieval times. Moreover, by keeping tires off the ground and securely in place, these racks minimize potential workplace accidents, ensuring a safer environment for employees. Their structured design also aids in efficient inventory management.
Placement of commercial tire storage racks is crucial for tire longevity and safety. They should be securely anchored in areas away from direct sunlight, as UV rays can deteriorate tire quality. A cool, dry location is ideal. Ensure there's adequate space between racks for ventilation and easy access. Weight distribution should be even across the racks to avoid structural issues. Regular checks should be done to ensure the racks remain in optimal condition.
Boltless shelving, especially with tire storage racks, is a game-changer. It offers swifter assembly without the fuss of nuts and bolts. This design not only saves time but also ensures a sturdy storage solution. The flexibility of boltless shelving allows for easy adjustments, accommodating various tire sizes. Its durability ensures that it can handle the weight of multiple tires, making it an efficient and safe choice for businesses looking for hassle-free tire storage solutions.

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