New engineering frontiers: how RiveTier Boltless Shelving can be utilized as cannabis drying racks

June 9, 2022 9:32 am

Vertical marijuana racksThe expanding legalization of marijuana across the U.S. has established the cannabis industry as the “budding” new frontier for innovation — not just for growers, but also for those in the material handling sector.

As a supplier of premier cannabis equipment, an Illinois material handling business was constantly on the lookout for new, cutting-edge equipment for their clients. When this supplier reached out to WPSS, they were specifically looking for equipment that could help facilitate the drying process.

This supplier knew that vertical and horizontal mobile drying racks were an efficient method for this stage of the cultivation process, depending upon the situation. With multiple tiers to hold trays of flowers—or with multiple tiers to hold extended rods for hanging the plants, these portable racks can easily transport large amounts of weed to and from the drying rooms — greatly conserving space and expediting the post-flower production process.

Horizontal marijuana racksFamiliar with Western Pacific’s RiveTier Boltless Shelving, this supplier thought that WPSS would be able to produce quality drying equipment, at a good price. WPSS agreed to manufacture their first industrial equipment made expressly for the cannabis industry: two mobile RiveTier racking systems.

These RiveTier racking systems are both 14’ tall and are equipped with multiple tiers to hold rods for vertical hanging and to hold 9’ x 4’ drying pans. Each of the horizontal shelves is able to sustain up to 350 pounds, allowing the shelves to support not only the drying pans and bud, but also the specialized HID lights that help preserve the flower between drying sessions.

Both RiveTier shelving systems were engineered with V Low Profile SSLP Beams, offering the same profile of metal shelving but at a much lower cost. The low profile beams are also an ideal choice for mobile applications, which was requisite for these drying systems since they both will be adhered to mobile carriages.

With RiveTier’s unobstructed access from all four sides, boltless connections, and concealed shelf edges — these racking systems are both functionally and aesthetically advantageous. Made for easy adjustability and installation, RiveTier shelving systems are able to be modified as needed and require only a rubber mallet for assemblage. And, most importantly, RiveTier’s versatile design options enabled the two shelving systems to meet all the drying rack specs.

With their distinctive ease of use and affordability, the supplier is pleased with RiveTier racking systems and is planning to order more for their roster of cannabis racking equipment.

The WPSS team looks forward to continue innovating with our partners in this new frontier of industrial manufacturing. Call us today to talk more about how our classic lines of industrial shelving can be used for new, creative applications.


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