RiveTier shelving system improves tire storage in Texan automotive shop 

December 14, 2021 2:05 pm

tire storage Although Texas is home to a surplus of industrial shelving and storage manufacturers, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (with manufacturing in California and Kentucky) has established many loyal customers in the Lone Star State.

One such Texan customer is an automotive repair and maintenance supply shop. With 12 locations across Southern Texas and 50 years of operation —  they know what they’re doing, especially in the arena of used and new tires.

Yet, tires are not always easy products to handle. Oftentimes retailers resort to stacking their tire supplies in large piles. This method of tire storage may be temporarily convenient but it is cumbersome in the long run, greatly slowing down services and creating hazardous work conditions.

tire-storageAs an alternative, RiveTier tire rack and shelving systems can be used to store more tires in less square footage and with greater safety.

WPSS heavy-duty steel RiveTier shelving systems can be made up to six tiers high and feature angled beams that hold tires securely in place without the need for locking devices. The flexible designs of the RiveTier tire racks allow for the storage of tires of a number of different weights and sizes — as well as other inventory and supplies. And with its high-strength construction and sleek finishes, RiveTier shelving is durable enough for high load-bearing applications and attractive enough for customer interfacing.

tire-storageFor this specific project, Western Pacific built a RiveTier shelving system, equipped with two-level tire rack bays and shelving units.

  • To ensure that employees could safely and efficiently access products on the top level, SureSTEP IBC-compliant stairways and a conveyor belt were added to the multilevel system.
  • These shelving units further feature deck supports for the pick aisles and a pallet rack to support the tire conveyor and stairs.

The end result is a durable, multilevel tire rack and shelving system that allows for much more efficient use of space, enhanced safety, and a greater aesthetic appeal. The end-user is very satisfied with the product, as well as WPSS’s accommodating services.

If you are similarly looking to enhance your commercial space, be it for tire storage or other shelving needs, contact your regional WPSS sales manager here.

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