Safe Handling, Ergonomics, and Industrial Steel Shelving

June 19, 2018 9:02 pm

Keeping employees safe is an incredibly important part of any job. Reducing injuries and illness means that employees will be at work more often and can be productive. This benefits the business and the employee. There are some industries that have a higher rate of accidental injuries than others, and working in a warehouse with commercial steel shelving could be one of those places. To ensure that an employee remains safe and uninjured, there are some practices they should incorporate into their daily jobs.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques
If an employee finds themselves lifting and moving items from industrial steel shelving to another place in the warehouse or onto pallets or trucks, then it’s important that they follow proper lifting techniques. This will ensure that their chances of injury are reduced. Proper lifting techniques include lifting with the legs instead of the back. Not doing this simple movement could cause serious injuries that the employee will have to deal with for the rest of their life. Supplying employees with belts that will encourage the proper technique could be beneficial and may be worth the investment.

Provide the Proper Equipment
Having the right equipment in the warehouse can be incredibly helpful in preventing injury to employees and ensure they are handling items in a safe and ergonomically correct manner. Depending on the items a warehouse stores and how tall the industrial steel shelves are, this can include a forklift or crane. If the items aren’t overly heavy or are relatively small, the proper equipment might include a ladder to access the higher shelves so an employee doesn’t have to lift things over their head. It’s also a good idea to provide training classes on the right way to lift and carry items so that everyone knows exactly what is expected when they perform their jobs. Keeping employees safe while on the job is an important task. There are certain things that you as the employer are responsible for providing, including the proper equipment to encourage safety.

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