Save on Rent, Build a Work Platform (Mezzanine) to Create Extra Space

March 28, 2020 2:05 pm

Work Platform (Mezzanine) Storage Systems were introduced as a storage solution long ago but have not been used as widely as they deserve to be. The benefits of implementing Industrial Work Platforms (Mezzanines) are vast and the cost of installing them are modest in comparison.

With distribution networks and supply chains growing rapidly, so do the costs for warehouse space rent. And while it is often justifiable to rent large warehouse spaces due to an increase in revenue, this has a set of drawbacks.

Not least of which is the expense of travel time across warehouse floors for picking and restocking. One of the ways to reduce those costs is to add another level of storage.

Work platform (mezzanine) storage systems can be installed in areas of heavy forklift traffic and over passageways, creating overhead space where none was available.

They can be used in many ways and have many advantages:

  1. Storage of heavy wares, such as drums with liquids, large pallets, and similar items. Those wares are often harder to manage and can get in the way of daily operations. Yet putting them in a far corner is not a good solution because they do need to be accessed every so often. Placing them in the middle of the warehouse, only one story up on the mezzanine floor is a perfect middle ground solution.
  2. Work platform (mezzanine) storage systems can be used to move some management offices off the main floor to a less needed space but an advantageous lookout position. Being out of the way of picking crews and at the same time able to observe operations can be a strong improvement to discipline and efficiency.
  3. Moreover, additional shelving can be installed on the Industrial work platforms (Mezzanines), over passages. This is most commonly used for paperwork and archiving, which is also best moved away from the main floor.
  4. The setup of work platform (mezzanine) storage systems can be done while continuing operations in a warehouse without interruptions. Most improvements of this scale requiring downtime makes this advantage considerable.

There is a lot to be said in favor of work platform (mezzanine) storage systems as an improvement, and if our readers wish to know more, additional information can be found in on our website.

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