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Seismic Minute Videos – Educational Insights

CalTech’s Prof. Tom Heaton

  • Importance of installers engaging with engineers
    Professor Tom Heaton, Cal Tech, 1:35 minutes: When it comes to installing an engineered system, proper training is key to maintaining safety and design integrity for your warehouse operation.

  • Seismic impact – how to have the best outcomes
    Professor Tom Heaton, Cal Tech, 2 minutes: Whenever building a new warehouse or upgrading your current one (no matter where you are in the U.S.), paying attention to seismic code compliance will help your facility have the best outcome whenever the next big surprising quake happens.

  • Regarding seismic activity in Northern Texas and Oklahoma
    Professor Tom Heaton, Cal Tech, 3 minutes:  The number of epicenters recorded in Oklahoma over the past year equaled that of California.

  • The case for qualified engineering
    Professor Tom Heaton, Cal Tech, 3 minutes:  Preparing your warehouse for quakes from the ground up – understanding what you can do now to prepare.

  • Important seismic insight in considering your location
    Tom Heaton, Cal Tech, 2 minutes: Location, location, location… Earthquakes can occur throughout the US – in areas that may surprise you.

Seizmic’s Sal Fateen

  • Lateral sway / drift & earthquake code changes
    Sal Fateen, Founder and CEO of Seizmic, Inc., 1:55 minutes: In a small or large quake, storage systems tend to move laterally. From recommended distance-from-building, to storage products calculated and analyzed by engineers, learn about three-year code change cycles.

  • Seismic susceptibility  & floor slab / soil inspection

    Sal Fateen, Founder and CEO of Seizmic, Inc., 2 minutes:  Wherever you are in the USA, consider the slab and soil beneath it to determine seismic susceptibility. Because the load of stored material and storage media is transferred to the slab, along with the force generated by seismic activity, these elements are key to supporting your load and inventory.

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