Smooth landing for a Deluxe Deckover at a Colorado military aircraft hangar

July 8, 2020 4:53 pm

Military Aircraft Hangar Military hangars are impressive – not only because of the aircraft that fits inside but also the size and number of the parts stored – from fuel-tanks, landing gear, wheels, and brakes, to avionics and instruments. It takes an incredible amount of parts and components to provide 24-hour maintenance support for a variety of military aircraft.

A deckover is a space-saving solution described as shelves supporting a deck and another set of shelves. The vertical configuration provides maximum storage capacity with a minimum footprint, so Western’s engineering team retained the size of the hangar’s floor space. Each Deluxe shelf on the floor level could support 350 to 1,000 pounds, allowing for a bulk storage platform above.  When assembled, the Deckover provided thousands of new square feet of parts storage.

They chose the closed-panel shelf design to reduce the risk of items falling through an open back or sides and getting damaged – or injuring workers.


Deluxe Deckover













Especially crucial for government procurement, the Deluxe shelving and stair tower meet or exceed all OSHA, IBC, and seismic requirements.

The project went smoothly from start to finish, taking only 60 days to ship to the giant hangar. Now, more extensive parts inventory can mean less maintenance time before the aircraft is ready to fly in service to our great nation.

About a deckover storage solution

To protect the confidential nature of this military installation, we are showcasing a Deluxe Deckover that is similar to the one described in this article.





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