How Steel Shelving Provides Alternative Storage Solutions

April 24, 2021 11:21 am

Metals like steel are favored by all sorts of industries, given their sturdy qualities and low demands for maintenance. What’s more, steel shelves are highly customizable to fit a wide array of storage needs. Professionals and individuals looking to optimize their storage space find that strong steel units offer versatility. Both open and closed steel shelving offer opportunities for size adjustments and added drawer components for optimum customization.

Open Vs. Closed

Open styles offer the strong skeleton required for storage plus easy access. No enclosing back or side panels are featured in this design option. However, they often necessitate supportive brace pieces of steel to avoid swaying and add further strength. Besides increased ease of access to items and visibility, open shelving also is compatible with customizable options for the shelves themselves.

Closed forms employ the side and back panels that their open counterparts forgo. This creates a more contained and confined space, which can be good for items requiring greater sheltering protection. No extra braces are needed, as in the case of open units, as closed structures already possess adequate stability. Closed styles also tend to look more “finished” and put together. Whether an individual chooses open or closed assemblies hinges on the items that will be kept stowed and also their aesthetic inclinations.

Modular Drawers

One important component option in the world of both closed steel shelving and open steel shelving is drawers. Using the beams and support structures of the above units, shelving can be fit with drawers to create a more specific organization for tools and very small-scale items. Several shelves can be installed at once to create customized layouts. This includes entire units of basic trays and flat boxes for neatly arranged storage components.

Such drawers can also be arranged to flow seamlessly with regular ledges for effortless function. Workstations like this are also called “storage walls” and help workers and professionals to keep different correlating tools and materials together. Thus, working efficiency is enhanced because these strategic layouts facilitate streamlined access to essential appliances and parts.

Mini-Rack Shelving

In cases where extra strength is required, the typical units described above can be built with thicker frames and ledges. The original concept that led to this invention was to create a hybrid. The market needed something with a convenient, smaller scale setup while providing a carrying capacity closer to that of traditional pallet racks. This hybrid is referred to as “mini rack shelving.” These structures can be made highly user-friendly with rearrangeable dividers and also with bin shelving units. The latter is very similar to modular drawers but can be designed for even smaller dimensions. Both the strong, yet simple structure of steel shelves can be enjoyed alongside customized, labeled compartments in this way.

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