Storage Talk with CEO Tom Rogers: Expanding the SureSTEP product line

February 11, 2022 2:55 pm

WPSS CEO Tom RogersIndustrial stairs galleryMany of you have told me how much you rely upon the WPSS engineering team. When it comes to envisioning and designing for the demands of today’s industrial storage workplaces, you trust WPSS engineered systems.

One key to our success in meeting our customers’ needs has been our engineers’ holistic approach to designing comprehensive systems’ solutions. And so, we are retiring the Industrial Structures brand name and integrating those products into the SureSTEP product line.

Now, you can further rely upon the SureSTEP brand for everything that is above ground level — stairs, work platforms (mezzanines), gates and crossover bridges.

Because of your trust, we continually invest in our engineers, to enhance their years of design experience thru material science knowledge and understanding the challenges your staff confront in their workplaces. Our engineers are committed to listening, watching and developing innovative solutions.

And as imaginative as those design solutions are, our designs meet or exceed all IBC and region-specific standards. WPSS engineers want to make work easier, safer and as productive as possible for warehouse and distribution center workers.

I encourage you to follow the links below for more information about WPSS’ SureSTEP products.


SureSTEP Features

Thank you for your business over the years,
Tom Rogers

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