Storage Talk with CEO Tom Rogers: on Robotics

June 10, 2022 8:35 am

WPSS CEO Tom RogersThe global supply chain is experiencing serious stress. The Covid-19 pandemic and The Great Resignation have exacerbated labor shortages and highlighted previously existing problems of staff efficiency and employee safety. These circumstances are nurturing the nascent material handling robotics industry.

Storage rackThe utilization of robots to pick, move, and place inventory in storage facilities is advancing at a here-to-fore unheard-of pace.

At WPSS, we do not build robots, but we are at the forefront of manufacturing unique shelving solutions, able to participate in the automation of moving goods within the warehouse from point A to point B.  Therefore, we are the kind of experts you want on your planning team when you’re considering automating your storage facility. We have a long track record of providing storage solutions and our engineers and designers are adept at helping identify the issues where shelving can support or hamper whatever robotic solutions are employed.

Robots are here to stay and whether you’re reacting to a current issue or proactively looking to take advantage of the latest developments, we want you to know WPSS is here to help.

~Tom Rogers, CEO

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