Storage Talk with CEO Tom Rogers: Training our next generation

August 20, 2021 4:27 pm

WPSS CEO Tom RogersOur world is in a period of transition. Baby Boomers, the largest demographic in the workforce, are retiring. And younger people are not rushing to fill their vacated positions. Just as an example,

“The manufacturing industry netted a loss of 578,000 jobs during the pandemic-challenged year 2020—a figure that represents nearly six years of job gains, and yet, at any given moment in the past six months, (November 2020-May 2021) nearly 500,000 jobs have remained open in manufacturing.”
Manufacturing industry diversity | Deloitte Insights

Illustration of man handing off golden key to woman like passing the baton in a relay raceThis phenomenal labor shortage is happening everywhere, and the Material Handling Industry is no different. Finding new employees with the discipline and work ethic of the older generation is difficult. But there’s more to the transition that simply finding new people.

Across WPSS’ 400+-strong distributor base we’re hearing the same lament. As their older folks are retiring, they are taking legacy knowledge with them. Hard earned, intellectual property is walking out the door between their ears. Training these new hires is a major challenge.

We at Western want to offer a helping hand during this difficult time.

As you know our highly trained professional sales team stands ready to assist. They are available to train the new incoming generation of workers on how to sell Western Pacific products.

Reach out to your regional representative and we will be happy to ease the task of bringing your new employees up to speed. Now that we’re finally getting back to work, we want to help you get up to speed again as fast as possible.

We want to hear from you,
Tom Rogers

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