Storage Talk with CEO Tom Rogers: For WPSS, all problems, even those posed by COVID-19, are occasions for growth

December 14, 2021 3:41 pm

WPSS CEO Tom Rogers

TreeThis past year, there’s no doubt that difficulties on an international scale have been present everywhere. COVID-19 has deeply affected all aspects of our lives, including the global supply chain. Rapidly escalating prices for raw material and extended delivery lead times are the norm in this post-lockdown market. And, there’s no telling what is to come.

Yet, WPSS is steadfast in its commitment to flexible, creative solutions, to address even the toughest of supply chain difficulties. With this, WPSS carefully mapped its North American suppliers, enabling us to maintain a steady flow of must-have materials this past year. In turn, WPSS has remained a dependable supplier to our loyal partners even through this pandemic-era tumult.

Western Pacific Storage Solution maintains its commitment to innovation through pandemic-era difficulties

The key is Western Pacific’s commitment to Lean manufacturing principles, whereby creativity, efficiency, and flexibility is the basic logic underlying WPSS’s manufacturing processes. At WPSS, we view each day as an opportunity to innovate, so we can better serve our customers by continuously streamlining our services and adding value to our products.

WPSS is poised to enter 2022 with the same resolve and capacity to turn these hard circumstances into positive outcomes. By continuing on this path of creative innovation and strategic planning, we believe that together, we can make 2022 into an even more productive year than the last.

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Tom Rogers

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