Interested in saving time and space safely? Check out the NEW SureSTEP Crossover

December 22, 2020 9:23 am

SureSTEP CrossoversSafely increase your employees’ productivity. The distribution center industry’s growth is forcing many to consider building new facilities. The process of relocation is disruptive and expensive.

Western Pacific’s High-rise shelving offers an up versus out alternative allowing distribution center executives the option to use all the wasted empty air above their current storage.

When taking advantage of all that vertical space overhead, the space you’re already paying for, safety becomes of even greater concern. The SureSTEP System is seismic tested and our stairs and brand-new SureSTEP Crossovers are code compliant in every state of the nation.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions’ SureSTEP system is designed to stand up under rigorous demands, interfacing with WPSS multi-level pick modules and pallet rack pick modules to help distribution center executives save space and money, safely.

Giving your people a clear, safe alternative will save you time, and money while preventing the lost time and expense from the inevitable injury incurred when crawling under or over perceived obstacles.

Reach out to WPSS’s regional sales managers who can pull in the design engineer team and explore how you can safely improve your distribution center’s productivity with Western Pacific’s NEW SureSTEP Crossover.

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