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SureSTEP Features

SureSTEP stairs, gates and railsThe features you seek can all be found in SureSTEP:  safety (seismic tested) customization and innovation.

SureSTEP: Western Pacific’s SureSTEP products allow you to take a giant step toward its biggest feature: financial savings.  With stairs meeting all IBC codes, custom design kickplate and flashing which saves labor and materials, and a variety of  gates, you are able to move your storage needs “UP”.   You need not look for new land, a new building or any of the challenges that come with moving your business.  Now you can “stay put” and optimize the VERTICAL AIR space you have (and are paying for) while working with the engineering team that thoroughly understands seismic and code compliance in every state of the nation.

Versatile – SureSTEP stairs, gates and rails work with all of WPSS’ shelving brands: Deluxe, RiveTier®, and Pacific, as well as, our Industrial Structures work platforms (mezzanines) and storage systems.

High-Performance Capacity – SureSTEP stairs, gates and rails are designed to stand up under rigorous demands, interfacing with WPSS multi-level pick modules and pallet rack pick modules.

Saves Space – SureSTEP stairs, gates and rails are engineered by a team renowned for designing solutions to allow you to move up instead of out increasing access to greater inventory within the same footprint.

Saves Money – SureSTEP stairs, gates and rails enable you to safely build up in your current space versus having to build out. Western Pacific Storage Solutions cost much less than new construction.

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