How Industrial Shelving is Different from Industrial Racking

May 23, 2020 10:41 am

The Benefits of a RiveTier Shelving System
In 1968, RiveTier 1 revolutionized the storage industry, and has continued offering efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use shelving technology continuing into today. For those that feel discouraged by finding the right storage solutions, especially those who feel that many traditional shelving options are too expensive and time consuming to have assembled, RiveTier shelving will be a game changer.

Firstly, it must be noted that RiveTier boltless shelving systems are just that: boltless. Because of this, they start saving businesses time and money from the minute they are delivered. They will not require nearly as much time and money to have assembled, and are worlds away from the assembly process of many other industrial shelving systems. In fact, RiveTier shelving parts can be professionally assembled without the use of any tool other than a rubber mallet.

The facts are, that going boltless with a RiveTier shelving system will make for a 30% cheaper assembly cost, and a 40% lower cost overall. Everything a business will need to have a RiveTier system assembled professionally can be delivered in one compact bundle. RiveTier systems can also offer the coveted “four-sided access”. The increased access and visibility of “four-sided access” is achieved because RiveTier systems can be produced without the need for sway or cross-bracing. They are also completely freestanding, with no need for additional support.

Great quality RiveTier shelving distributors like those with whom we are privileged to work here at Western Pacific also offer a great deal of RiveTier system options. With RiveTier systems, businesses get the best of both worlds, in the form of quicker and cheaper assembly as well as many options to choose from. Western Pacific offers nine different unit types, so that every business can find exactly what will suit their needs. Each of the nine available RiveTier units offer their own unique benefits.

  • Our Tire racks have heavy-duty steel shelves, and yet are economically priced enough to rival wood.
  • We offer a RiveTier battery rack, which is the only boltless battery rack available, with unique and patented technology. Looking to go boltless and double, or even triple, storage space?
  • We also offer RiveTier multi-level systems.
  • RiveTier technology can also be used to create boltless, and ergonomic, workstations.

For all these systems, and more, Western Pacific is the place to go. Moving even further beyond the nine unit types, Western Pacific also custom makes every single one of our products. As manufacturers of great quality storage systems, we pride ourselves on “serving the smartest links in the supply chain”. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and are able to meet even the most stringent seismic regulations in the nation. From the minute the job is clocked, to when it is delivered to the customer, we work every step of the way to ensure that we produce the highest quality product and service. So go boltless with Western Pacific.

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