The Benefits of industrial shelving units

June 30, 2020 1:41 pm

Contrary to popular conception, industrial metal shelves as we know them are not a stagnant product, they evolve. Of course, metal shelving has been around for a long time, but metal industrial shelving is far more than that.

This type of shelving is innovative, clever, and extremely efficient in solving a variety of problems inherent to the modern warehouse and supply chain.

The most invasive problem in a wide range of industries, especially ecommerce, is space constraints. Maximizing the utility of a space can be extremely difficult for a variety of reasons. Ceilings of different heights, building access points that interfere with optimal shelving positions, a vast difference in the size and weight of items stored and much, much more.

In this brief overview we will recount the ways by which industrial metal shelves address and solve all of those problems.

Using metal storage shelves increases space.
It does so by maximizing the usable area of a warehouse. Metal shelving due to its inherent strength, takes up minimal space itself and allows to store items higher, making more use of vertical space. This alone can increase the capacity of a single storage space dramatically.

Organizing stored items is made a lot easier.
Metal industrial shelving is extremely versatile and allows for better organization of items on shelves, separating them by weight and bulk. This in turn expedites picking and restocking, eliminates room for error and cuts operation costs to the bare minimum.

Efficiency and output are Increased.
This is essentially an offshoot of the previous point but deserves its own attention. When items are organized, the chance of not finding a product or worse, picking the wrong one, are next to zero. Needless to say, the loss of revenue due to those sadly frequent mishaps, is appalling. Removing this alone can impact the bottom line significantly.

Metal storage shelves are safer.
The risk of injury due to malfunction and items toppling over is negligible. Failing shelves and toppling over is not a concern. The durability of those shelving systems is superior to any in the market making them the safest investment and surest bet.

An outlook towards automation!
This last point may arguably be the strongest in favor of metal industrial shelving as it accommodates automated picking and restocking technology down the road. As personnel counts have lowered and demands on warehouses have risen, automation is a great solution for improving warehouse workflow. Invest in shelves that can accommodate great amounts of storage is a prudent choice.

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