The Benefits of Multi-Tiered Shelving Systems

June 6, 2020 2:05 pm

As online shopping became increasingly popular, businesses found they needed to expand their warehouse capacity. When looking to expand the amount of available storage in a warehouse, standard height industrial shelving units became the usual go-to solution.

Once all the available floor space has been used, a different approach to industrial storage solutions is required. Warehouses need to go up, not out, when seeking to maximize available warehouse space. This is where multi-tiered industrial storage racks or shelving come into play.

What is a multi-tier system?
Multi-tier industrial storage solutions represent several levels of shelving – much higher than standard shelves. They take advantage of unused vertical space, allowing warehouse facilities to expand their available storage without the need for additional warehouse space.

There are several advantages to multi-tiered industrial shelving units.

Expand storage capacity economically

By building upwards instead of outwards, storage capacity is increased without the additional costs that come with adding additional warehouse buildings or expanding an existing space.

Multi-tier industrial storage racks or shelving are a safe and affordable alternative to expand storage capacity. By going upwards, the warehouse can store more inventory on the same footprint, which can lead to operational efficiencies.

Double the storage space
Installing multi-tier racks or shelving expands storage capacity by a significant amount. It is possible, depending on the system, to double or triple storage capacity. Each level of shelving can be configured to a chosen dimension, offering a variety of options based on the storage needs of each facility.

Storing inventory vertically allows for increased organization and leads to increased efficiency, as vertical storage allows for a more compact organization system. Warehouse workers are able to access the needed items quickly and efficiently.

Worker safety
Safety is always a top priority in a warehouse environment, and facilities with multi-tier shelving are no different. It is important to ensure employees are properly trained in the use of any new industrial storage solution. Proper training will reduce the risk of serious injury. Multi-tier systems are highly safe when employees are well trained.

Additionally, workers should adhere to proper safety protocols, such as wearing safety protection at all times. This includes wearing reflective clothing, helmets, and when working at heights, safety harnesses.

Several things can be done to increase the usefulness of multi-tier systems. These options include a variety of decking, such as perforated panels and MDF; the use of staircases to access upper tiers; and a modular design to accommodate changing storage needs.

There are several benefits to installing industrial shelving units when looking to expand warehouse capacity. Contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions to learn more about industrial steel shelving.

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