The Different Types of Boltless Shelving Systems

May 6, 2020 2:31 pm

When considering types of industrial shelving, some of the larger shelves can easily overwhelm the space available, especially for businesses with smaller storage needs. If a smaller, more economic model is needed, a boltless shelf may be the perfect option to consider. However, there are several variations on boltless shelves, each bringing different strength to a space and solving different storage problems. Before ordering a boltless shelf, it is important to understand what boltless shelving does and which option would work best within the intended space.

Boltless shelves, also called particle board shelving or rivet shelves, are largely what they sound like: shelves with no bolts involved in their construction or assembly, so they can be set up to be freestanding with less concern towards support, and generally come in smaller sizes than shelves with bolts. Boltless shelves also usually hold less weight than their counterparts with bolts. There are three types of boltless shelves, with each mostly varying in their weight capacity and how they are constructed, creating very different versions of a boltless shelving system.

Long Span Shelving: is the sturdiest of the three and is the best choice when resilience and higher carrying capacities are required. They are functional and economical and do the job well. Our Long span shelves can hold up to 2400 pounds per shelf. Long Span Shelves also have fewer posts, meaning what’s on the shelf is highly visible. Overall, these are the strongest boltless shelves of the three.

Low Profile Shelving: is highly versatile, so it can work well in an array of spaces and suit many different needs. It can work well with mobile and work platform (mezzanine) systems, and it provides the same profile as metal shelves at much cheaper cost. What is on the shelf can also be easily accessed from all four sides. Additionally, low profile shelves line up with each other well, so they can be placed together to create desired widths and depths. Overall, these are the boltless shelves with the lowest weight capacity, but the most versatile.

Z Beam Shelving: These are sort of a hybrid between low profile and long span shelving, having the strength and durability of long span shelving, and the profile beam of low-profile shelving. They are a great way to make efficient use of space. Overall, they are a good middle ground between the strength of the long span shelving and the versatility of the low-profile shelving.

Boltless industrial shelving is an ideal way to build the storage space a business needs without going over budget and without sacrificing strength and versatility. While they cannot hold the same weight as heftier industrial shelving, they are able to more conveniently meet the needs of smaller spaces, but can also be found serving quite large warehousing operations as well.

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