The Importance of Investing in Industrial Steel Shelving for an E-commerce Business

May 10, 2020 2:43 pm

COVID-19 lockdowns or not, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that online shopping is big business these days and will only continue to grow. For all e-commerce, warehousing is a massive and crucial part of the business. E-commerce warehousing not only involves safely and securely storing materials and goods in the warehouse, but also includes keeping track of inventory, recording the arrival of products and length they’ve been stocked in warehouses, and finally shipping out the products to the right locations.

To do all of the above and more, e-commerce warehouses need the right industrial steel shelving solutions to facilitate easy storing, picking and moving of goods. Here’s how important steel storage shelving systems can be in an e-commerce warehouse:

  • Helps to increase storage density
    E-commerce warehouses need high density commercial steel shelving systems, industrial storage racks and storage solutions to optimize the space and lower the operating costs per square foot of storage.
  • Improve the picking process
    To take less space, use a mixture of storage mediums including work platforms (mezzanines), carton flow racks, pallet racks, industrial steel shelving and other equipment that delivers goods to pickers at any and every level. For example, the multi-level solution by WPSS can help reduce floor space utilization, while pickers can take less time to pick orders from the rack that are close by and easy to reach.
  • Optimization of space
    One of the most effective methods to increase space in a warehouse is the use of a work platform (mezzanine). A work platform (mezzanine) can give a warehouse twice or even three times as much floor space to work with, offering plenty more space to store inventory.
  • Select from a variety of storage options
    Industrial steel shelving systems come in a variety of options – open units, closed units, bin units, and multi-level systems. Depending on the type, weight of products, and purpose of shelves, one can choose to keep multiple types within a warehouse.
  • Easy to move products
    Besides considering how to store products, warehouse managers need to think about how they’ll be moved around. Depending on quantity, weight, packaging and storage, investing in a forklift may be necessary. In this case, an open shelving solutions will be ideal for accessibility.
  • Customization options
    The in-house engineering staff at Western Pacific Storage Solutions will provide custom designs to meet specific current and future warehouse needs. Besides custom designs of steel shelving systems, WPSS will also include a variety of stairs, handrails, crossovers, gates, and other options.

Look no further than WPSS to help expand your e-commerce warehouse operations. Visit our website today or call us (800) 732-9777 to speak to one of our shelving experts.


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