Storage Talk with Western Pacific’s CEO Tom Rogers: The Warehouse of the Future

September 21, 2022 9:18 am

WPSS CEO Tom RogersAs the supply chain transitions from moving bulk pallet racks to moving less-than-pallet loads and individual items (eaches) to keep pace with consumer door-to-door delivery, retailers are having to adjust warehouse fulfillment strategies including the high cost of breaking down pallets.

Due to the labor shortage, artificial intelligence is stepping into the gap to assist the eaches economy in various ways.  But warehouse managers are keenly aware they must get more product into the same spaces they’ve used for years without new construction.

Thus, some companies are adjusting their physical warehouse spaces, to accommodate the growing number of products being more rapidly moved through warehouse facilities.

On average, around 80% of warehouse floorspace are allocated for wider aisles for the movement of large pallet loads. Yet, with this new economy of eaches that necessitates smaller, more individualized loads, and with the introduction of robotics (mentioned above), these large aisle spaces are going to become more obsolete.

Future warehouseThankfully, facilities who have caught the drift are already beginning to increase their storage capacity by around 40% — by narrowing their aisles and adding shelving.

At Western Pacific, our shelving systems are ready to support you, as your company transitions to this new world of eaches.

  1. Our RiveTier line of industrial shelving is perfect for quick add-ons to extant shelving systems, with its boltless connections and easy installation.
  2. Our SureSTEP line of industrial work platforms and stair systems can help warehouses double their useable floorspace by creating a second level with easy accessibility.
  3. The Deluxe line of heavy-duty steel shelving is by far our most popular shelving system for this era of e-commerce, with its remarkable flexibility and specificity that enables storage systems to be configured for specific products then easily reconfigured as merchandise SKUs turn over.
  4. As a testament to our commitment to growing with the times, our line of Accu-Wall shelving offers a technological edge to help streamline throughput and increase accuracy with pick-to-light and put-to-light systems.

Let’s examine your industrial storage systems. Thank you for your business—it is a privilege to help you find innovative solutions to ever-evolving supply chain trends.


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