Things to Ensure While Designing Custom Storage for a Warehouse

May 11, 2020 2:45 pm

Every warehouse is unique due to the various equipment and materials that are in them. Therefore, cookie-cutter industrial storage shelves are almost never the answer to a warehouse-sized storage problem.

In this case, a business should look at designing custom industrial storage solutions for its warehouse. But before getting started, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Put in More Than One Type of Storage Medium
When designing custom industrial storage systems alongside a professional team, it might be tempting to find the perfect type of shelving and then use that exact same unit throughout the entire warehouse. However, it is best to include a mix of the types of industrial storage shelves.

By doing so, the warehouse will be able to accommodate a wider range of materials. Try having some shelves that incorporate bin storage, some that are used for galvanized pallet racking, some that are reinforced and have large gaps between shelves for large and heavy items, in addition to the more traditional industrial storage shelves.

Ensure Each Unit is Properly Labelled
When using shelving units throughout a warehouse, proper organization is going to be especially important.

To help keep industrial storage solutions looking properly organized and ensure that operations run smoothly, a warehouse needs plenty of signage. So a company needs to get shelving units that can easily have signage attached to them in a way that will allow workers to identify what is or should be located in each shelving space without doing so in a way that interferes with their access to the product.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space 
The great thing about most warehouses is that they tend to have very high ceilings. As a result, far more items can be stored while using minimal space, assuming the warehouse is equipped with the proper industrial storage systems.

For times when a warehouse needs to maximize its use of the vertical space, the company should look into installing a work platform (mezzanine). On top of the work platform, industrial storage shelves can store just as many materials as the average shelving but does so while only taking up half or even just a third of the amount of floor space due to the work platform.

By following these tips, you should be able to create the perfect custom storage for your warehouse. If you’re looking for the perfect custom industrial storage shelves for a warehouse business, then make sure to visit us at WPSS today.


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