Thinking about the future in which our warehouses will need to operate. Part 2 of 2

March 12, 2023 3:06 pm

Photo of WPSS CEO Tom Rogers

With much conversation about the “warehouse of the future” and the operations that happen inside the walls of those warehouses, I believe it is also important to think about the future in which our warehouses will need to operate.

Last week, I started this conversation and now am continuing it in hopes you may find them useful to your own thinking:

Automation changes need to be considered in terms of profitability; these changes should be analyzed to look for opportunities within the relationship between transporters and distribution facility operators.

warehouse of the futureWe will need to continue asking the hard questions about building new facilities or continue adapting current facilities as some of us are doing today.

Regarding safety of the materials shipped, and the people handling them, we’ve installed railings, and gates. We’ve stabilized the platforms, and staircases. We’ve clearly marked the paths of mobile material handling equipment and conveyor systems. It’s a good idea for our next business retreats to think about these systems being impacted by further automation; automation that may operate autonomously.

And another topic to engage at future business retreats is about the future’s effects on real estate. WPSS has led the way in utilizing existing warehouses by storing up versus out. Our multi-level storage solutions have saved end-users from having to build new facilities. Sooner or later, end users will be looking to either expand their current footprints or build new facilities. There’s no indication or even expectation that interest rates, inflation and property values will be coming down anytime soon –designing multi-level distribution centers or building on what might have formerly been less than optimal sites are things we need to consider.

Just one week from now at ProMat, we invite you to engage with us about the warehouse that you are imagining for your future growth.  As our company is all about “advancing efficiency” we look forward to listening and being a helpful sounding board for your more efficient warehouse.  ~Tom Rogers




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