Tips for choosing the right shelving solution

June 4, 2020 1:46 pm

Determining the correct shelving system for a warehouse can play a major role in efficiency and effectiveness. Steel storage shelving that is not large enough to hold most items is simply going to take up space. On the other hand, large open shelving may not be helpful if the warehouse mainly stores small items. Here are some tips that will help determine the right shelving solution to meet individual warehouse needs.

Metal Shelving is a standard solution
Many warehouses, especially those that deal with standard size items, use basic metal shelving. This shelving can hold a wide range of items and can be somewhat customized with dividers to help separate smaller items. Various compartments can be added to these shelves during the manufacturing phase to help improve organization or storage space.

Consider Boltless Options
Some industrial storage shelves can be difficult to install or take days to fully set up. During this time, the warehouse may have to operate at a reduced capacity, which in turn can decrease profits. However, for warehouses that have outgrown their current shelving solution and need temporary shelving fast, boltless rivet shelves are an option. They do not use bolts or nuts, so they can be added to. RiveTier® Boltless Steel shelving allows for four sided access to accommodate every storage situation.

Bin Units
The Pacific Bin Units from Western Pacific Storage Solutions use full height dividers to create individual storage bins. When getting the units professionally installed the dividers can be adjustable on two-inch increments to create a variety of bin configurations. This solution is ideal when parts or items need to be separated from each other.

For warehouses that do not have a lot of space, the Accu-Wall shelving system can be extremely beneficial. This shelving can be moved as needed, allowing for efficient ecommerce sorting. The Accu-Wall has been proven to increase pick rate productivity by 40% over manual methods. It is frequently used in manufacturing warehouses for kitting and assembly.

Every warehouse is going to have its own shelving needs, and that means what works for one may not necessarily work for another. The team at Western Pacific Storage Solutions, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial storage shelving, is here to help meet these unique shelving needs with custom solutions. One such solution is with double-deck storage that allows warehouses to expand vertically when expanding horizontally is no longer an option. Contact us today to learn more about these solutions.

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