Tips to Increase the Life of Your Industrial Shelving System

October 20, 2014 1:00 pm

Over the years, an industrial shelving system typically takes a beating. Especially when used in certain environments like warehouses, plants, factories, and automotive shops, it is exposed to wear and tear relatively fast. The good news is that there are ways to increase the life of this type of shelving solution.

Choosing the Right Shelving System
It is important that you choose the right type of industrial shelving system. The shelving system used in a harsh working environment is different from shelves in an office. For instance, shelves in an automotive shop hold heavy, often greasy parts and equipment, while in an office, they store boxes of paper, records, supplies, and so on.

Proper Use
Proper use will also help extend the life of your shelving system. As an example, the Deluxe original box shelf offered by Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) is considered one of the strongest in the market today. In addition to extra-heavy-duty shelves with a reinforcing channel, the shelf clips are designed specifically for medium-duty, industrial-grade, and heavy-duty shelves.

In comparison, the RiveTier boltless shelving system is an ideal choice for light- to medium-duty use. Using the shelving system as it was intended prevents parts and various components from failing prematurely.

Safety Guidelines
Regardless of the type of shelving system, everyone should follow safety guidelines. Unfortunately, people often become complacent. When this happens, safety issues, like proper assembly, installation, and use, are often ignored. By following safety guidelines, unnecessary accidents are prevented, and the shelving system will last longer.

Proper Training
After the shelving system is installed, anyone with access needs proper training. Some things to cover include what items can be stored and the maximum weight per shelf. With proper training, people tend to have greater respect for the product.

Proper Assembly
Depending on the industrial shelving system, you may decide to handle assembly in-house or this may be something performed by an expert from the company from whom you purchased the product. If someone on your end will handle assembly, he or she needs to pay close attention to the instructions provided. There is a reason for each step of the process having to do with the life of the system itself.

If you purchase an industrial shelving system from a reputable source and treat it with respect, it will last a long time. At WPSS, we can assess your situation and make an appropriate recommendation.

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