WPSS Product Sales Training – Three Ways

Bruce marks

Multi-level Shelving Systems – 14 Min. Video Training

Multi-level Shelving Systems – TrainingWith his 20+ years of industrial shelving sales experience, Bruce Marks shares key selling points your sales team can leverage to sell WPSS Multi-level Shelving Systems. Watch this illustrated and fact-packed 14-minute lesson anytime.

With this training, sales staff can speak confidently about adding vertical floor space. High Bay, Multi-level Catwalk systems, and more.

Video training coming in Fall 2023

Work platform training

Joe Cascio

Some of the most effective ways to sell RiveTier – the Original Boltless shelving –
12 Min. Video Training

Industry expert, Joe Cascio, enthusiastically shares multiple key selling points you will want to use in presenting the #1 shelving brand in the storage industry: RiveTier. You’ll learn the difference between industrial RiveTier and boxed product sold at club stores, learn about reconfigurability, applications, versatility, assembly and the most effective ways to sell RiveTier, the original boltless.

Video training coming in Winter 2023

Work platform quote


Product Training – Three Ways

  1. Schedule an in-person session with your WPSS regional sales manager
  2. Schedule a Zoom or Teams’ session with your WPSS regional sales manager
  3. Pre-recorded online videos – ask for the URLs from the Relationship Manager, Gina DiMassa

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