Types of shelving systems that sort out spacing issues in warehouses

June 10, 2020 10:58 am

Two of the main issues that matter most in a warehouse are accessibility and space. The bigger and more varied the operation the more ingenuity it requires to maximize those two factors. Complex restocking and picking methods of a wide variety of wares need to rely on heavy duty shelving solutions that take into account the specific needs of a given operation.

Depending on the specific type of warehouse or manufacturing facility, there will be a need for a specific heavy duty steel shelving setup to maximize and organize space. This is needed to both solve problems and prevent them, keeping the inventory, tools and workforce safe.

Here are several of the more popular and efficient heavy duty storage shelf setups to achieve this goal and keep the supply chain productive.

RiveTier Shelving
This is one of the more efficient heavy duty steel shelving solutions and is most widely implemented across industries. Its most valued property is versatility. It is assembled virtually tool free and can be adjusted for varying shelf heights making it perfect for a varied inventory with items of very different sizes stored in one facility.

This type of shelving also has the highest weight allowance in its category of hand loaded heavy duty storage shelves. This is mostly due to its heavy steel components, extremely durable decking and ability to accommodate bins and other additions to suit the current need.

Steel Shelving
This is a relatively wide category of shelves and includes welded open shelving for forklift loaded items as well as shelves with modular drawer systems, and more. The exact setup depends on the application but the common denominator which allows for those modifications is their extreme durability and strength. Not as easily installed as rivet shelving, steel heavy duty storage shelves can carry more weight and allow for more modification to suit a wider variety of needs.

Heavy duty shelving can go higher than rivet shelving and be heavily accessorized with integrated bins, tilted shelves for smart picking and restocking, lockable doors and other functionality.

Bin Unit Shelving
This type of heavy duty shelving is ideal for storing small parts and components in a small area leaving virtually zero wasted space. Where box shelving might not work well for some small components, bin unit shelving excel at making use of every cubic inch.

There is always more to be said on the topic of heavy duty storage shelves and their various applications. For more information, please feel free to visit our website: https://www.wpss.com/deluxe-heavy-duty-industrial-shelving/

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