Union of Robots and Humans for Better Warehouse Management

January 7, 2020 10:11 am

For decades now, we’ve heard that robots are going to take over. Though, automation has taken place across industries, life has improved as we know it. The goal of automation and usage of robots in a warehouse is to make overall warehouse operations more efficient with human and robot collaboration.

Industrial mezzanines / work platforms, certain steel shelving and other industrial structures in a warehouse are now designed with automation in mind. Versatile mezzanine platforms help you not only get extra square footage within your existing facility but their flexible design makes it easy to embrace robotics. With growing demands and expectations of customers on one hand and growing labor shortages on the other, automation with robotics is the only way forward.

Advantages of Automation
There are several benefits available to you when you move towards automated and robotic systems. However, to truly take advantage of this you need an infrastructure that is suitable for such modernization.

Increased Productivity
Robots can support humans and business operations to handle larger volumes of goods per day by increasing overall efficiency and speed. With the right storage solution, you can store more goods that can meet demands of the consumers and because of automation you can do more work in the same of time.

Reduced Errors
When you move towards a more automated system, you can transfer repetitive tasks to the robots. Using robots, reduces the risk of mistakes in routine operations performed in a warehouse, partly owing to better transmission of information within the warehouse.

Improved Working Conditions
Robotic warehouse systems drastically reduce the need for employees to unnecessarily walk long aisles or carry heavy loads. This helps reduce the risk of serious accidents that can affect the worker’s health and safety.

Finding the Right Storage Mezzanine Platforms for your Warehouses
Warehouses are being modernized for their operations and infrastructure, thereby manufacturers and retailers need storage solutions to meet their goals of automation. Mobile robots require flexible infrastructures and as a leader in engineering and manufacturing, we at Western Pacific Storage Solutions® can custom design your storage needs so you continue to meet the demands of consumers with utmost efficiency.

Depending on your application, we offer both hybrid and structural work platforms / industrial mezzanines systems. The Hybrid uses formed-galvanized beams with square-structural columns. The Structural uses structural columns, beams, struts and joists. Find out more here or contact our customer service team for assistance with quotes.

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