Use of steel stairs as a warehouse space saver

June 7, 2020 11:10 am

Well designed industrial steel stairs can handle harsh environments, and rigorous industrial usage. Stairs and handrails should be fabricated to the specific environment of each endusers’ individual needs. Both the stairs and the handrails can be customized not just for the endusers’ unique space requirements, but for the overall requirements of the regulator´s legal codes. Although as a manufacturer, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) engineers are happy to develop custom solutions.

In order to meet the requirements of OSHA, IBC, or other building safety codes, the rise and run of stairs and industrial staircase railing is closely watched. Installing industrial steel stairs is never a ‘do it yourself’ project as only highly qualified professionals have the engineering expertise to put them together. The steel stair solutions offered by WPSS are designed for large scale warehouses, that handle huge volumes of products and equipment, and therefore need to expand their space upwards. We work closely with our customers to find the best shelving and solutions for their facilities, as we are experts in design and engineering.

The SureSTEP stairs manufactured by WPSS are highly versatile, connecting with our other shelving options including the RiveTier, Deluxe, and SureSTEP work platforms (mezzanines). The SureSTEP stairs are also high-performance, with gates and rails designed for heavy duty industrial use. WPSS helps save both space and money with the SureSTEP stairs as they allow warehouses to expand up rather than out in large scale warehouse expansion projects. Instead, warehouses can take advantage of the space they already have by moving upwards.

SureSTEP Stairs are also available as part of crossover bridges to safely move employees over conveyors, forklift thoroughfares, and other potential obstacles to optimize both space and efficiency in the warehouse. With the same safety standards as all WPSS products, the SureSTEP Crossover Bridge is the safest and most convenient way to move employees.

Steel stair manufacturers such as WPSS use powder coating to protect the steel from the elements. We have a variety of color options for both interior and exterior steel shelving including a color match system for custom orders. We offer galvanized steel options to protect against environmental damage for exterior solutions.

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