Using Industrial Mezzanines (WORK PLATFORMS) to Adapt to Increasing Warehouse Demands

March 16, 2018 4:54 pm

There eventually will come a time when a business has grown to a point where it requires a change in distribution model. This is usually due to needing to adapt to a new type of inventory or industry. In these sorts of situations, oftentimes the solution will come in the form of expansion and merge two distinctly different types of products into one distribution center, which will usually require integration and upgrades to any currently existing systems.

What sort of upgrades are required to accomplish this?

In order to tackle this fully, you’ll need to employ order picking systems that can handle picking from multiple types of items for different types of industries from the same pool. Doing so will effectively eliminate redundancy, while simultaneously improving overall efficiency.

The equipment that will be most useful for achieving these results include things like order picking machinery that is fully automated for case picking, dynamic picking systems for smaller items, and automated tote systems for handling fully packaged crates and boxes. Complement these setups with a fully automated dispatch buffer, and you are well on your way to improving overall operations.

Overall space requirements

As operations are growing, the space required to accomplish a larger amount of tasks will grow. While upgrading to a larger building is the obvious option, it is worthwhile to consider employing solutions such as industrial mezzanines like work platforms and mezzanine storage systems. These, along with proper shelving, will all help to keep your work area organized and clean and open up more free space overall. This could mean the difference between a new warehouse and repurposing the one you currently have.

Utilizing mezzanine platforms (work platforms)

Mezzanine platforms (work platforms) are a great way to keep non-essentials to distribution areas out of the way. They are best utilized for creating areas above the floor to plan, strategize and hold meetings. Office spaces are also commonly put on mezzanine floors (work platforms). This allows you to free up valuable space for more equipment on your main floor, where all the action is happening.

Utilizing mezzanine storage systems (work platforms)

Mezzanine storage systems (work platforms) are a great way to keep objects out of the way while they are not being used, and better yet, off your work floor. By using this method, depending on your product, you can open up an unprecedented amount of space. As mezzanine storage options allow you to store items on a secondary level, you can use this to your advantage to place other key machinery where you would have kept these items beforehand, or simply store even more of it underneath. In either case, you’ll wind up with space savings that should not be ignored.

When it comes to getting the most out of your operations, especially when expanding your business, you can tactfully approach this issue and wind up with increased space and improved distribution with just a few tweaks and the utilization of industrial mezzanines (work platforms). Visit to view multiple options under our SureSTEP line of work platforms and mezzanines.

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