The Various Industries That We Serve

January 7, 2015 2:12 pm

With a broad range of shelving, rack, record storage, and mezzanine systems, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) has the perfect solution for all types of industries. For more than 30 years, our goal has remained the same: to provide customers with the right solution that saves time and money and improves day-to-day operations.

Brief Introduction to Our Customers

  • Beverage Distribution – Many beverage distribution companies struggle with limited space. We can rectify the problem by incorporating a cantilever rack with a steel shelf system. To reduce breakage, this custom-engineered product has rounded corners. Compared to traditional shelving, our one-piece steel shelves provide three times more length for improved storage and enhanced productivity.
  • Medical and Healthcare – As baby boomers age, the need for medical care increases. As a result, hospitals, medical clinics, and doctors’ offices commonly store and archive patient records wherever they can find space. Our efficient solution takes advantage of vertical space. Reaching 20 feet tall, our two-level archive system can easily accommodate x-rays, boxes of archived records, and open files. To gain access to the second level, a freight elevator or reciprocating conveyor can be installed.
  • Law Enforcement – With serious budget constraints, many law enforcement agencies work in overcrowded buildings that leave little room for arrest and case records, not to mention personnel records. With our customized shelving system, every inch of a property and evidence room is utilized.
  • Insurance – Throughout the country, insurance companies use off-site storage for industry-related documents. To improve the efficiency of storage space, we offer different solutions, such as a double-deck steel shelf that stands 16 feet tall. Using vertical space, a grated catwalk goes between the aisles.

WPSS has state-of-the-art industrial shelving and work platform (mezzanine) solutions, among others, for many other industries. We work closely with:

  • Film companies that need archive storage
  •  Libraries that want to transform into multifunctional learning centers,
  • Fire and safety departments that require tough industrial structure platforms,
  • Manufacturing companies that need to store parts,
  • Surplus retail outlets for storing all types of merchandise,
  • Electricity and gas distributors that are constantly expanding, and
  • Tire storage companies that need a workable space for tires.

If you need help getting organized and working more efficiently, our superior shelving products are backed with years of experience and unrivaled expertise.

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