WPSS provides innovative solutions for complex warehousing and storage

Intro to WPSS (Western Pacific Storage Solutions) (1:15)

See some of the manufacturing environment out of which comes four applications that Advance Efficiency in Manufacturing, Storage, Order Picking and in Automation.

Benefits of WPSS’ Shelving (1:33)

Explore the benefits of Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) efficiency in High Bay (high-rise shelving), Pick-to-light and pick-to-voice shelving, and Narrow Aisles in shelving.

Code Compliance with Noel Toquero (1:59)

Consider carefully the terms used and applicable codes when installing storage equipment such as work platforms and multilevel structures.

Four-minute eCommerce case study (4:18)

One company’s chronic space inefficiencies are solved using successful strategies that design the storage medium around the product.

Code Compliance with Noel Toquero (1:59)

2.5 minute WPSS Conveyor Platform Case Study

A 2.5 minute WPSS Case Study that displays how Western Pacific worked with their integrator partner to provide support for elevated picking stations in a fully automated environment, ending with some critical thoughts about the future of this industry.

WPSS’ Applications Showcase Advancement of Efficiency (1:35)

cavalcade of application photos featuring WPSS installations from Indianapolis to Phoenix, from San Bernardino, CA to Harrisburg, PA, you’ll see stunning views of soaring shelving units, tall stairs, crossover bridges and impressive work platforms/mezzanines that showcase WPSS’ commitment to Advancing Efficiency within storage environments.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions: the Correct Storage Partner (1:31)

Assisting warehouse and DC managers with excellent throughput, better bang for the buck and increased space utilization

Western Pacific Storage Solutions: Speed & Flow (0:46)

Multi-level shelving systems deliver speed and flow in warehousing

Western Pacific Storage Solutions: Shelving Pick Mods (1:08)

Western’s Shelving Pick Mods deliver Space Savings


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