Warehouse Automation and Robot-Friendly Shelves

May 18, 2020 10:21 am

Warehouse environments and designs are changing which can be mainly attributed to the advancements in technology. Rising labour costs and increasing availability of robotics and automation technologies is transforming warehouse infrastructure.

What is warehouse automation?
Warehouse automation is when warehouse operations and tasks are carried out by robots. This level of automation typically involves the use of robots to load and unload inventory onto vehicles, move products off metal storage shelves, between shelves, or to other storage rooms. Robots can also be used to pick and place products on to conveyor systems.

To truly take advantage of these advancements in technology, the entire warehouse ecosystem must be well synchronized. By effectively integrating automation with the right industrial shelving systems, businesses can completely transform their fulfillment operations by eliminating and reducing worker pain points.

Where should warehouses start?
A good place to start is with the right shelving. With the right shelves, warehouses can have a less labour-intensive approach to get work done. If a warehouse is automated with solutions available from Western Pacific Storage Solutions, it will be easy to move inventory as it’s already in robot-friendly shelves. Industrial shelving systems available at WPSS are designed to be more in line with the latest in automation trends.

The right warehouse design influences efficiency and the right shelves to fit that design add to that efficiency. A warehouse reliant on human labour likely has low to the ground metal storage shelves or outdated industrial storage solutions that are meant for old school forklifts or for human access. But with automation solutions, more layers of shelved can be added as robots are capable of reaching greater heights.

Automation is the way forward
Outdated technology leads to errors and delays that are not good for the company reputation. Automation can improve brand reputation, help avoid storing excess inventory and the associated costs, help build customer loyalty, and reduce operational costs. It is the industrial storage solution of the future.

In addition to acting as a check for human error, automation coupled with the correct metal storage shelves can help prepare the warehouse for the future. Our custom solutions will enable a more organized and efficient workspace.

WPSS has the solution you need
The experts at WPSS can assist in the selection of the right storage solution. By contacting one of our representatives, a site visit can be arranged to assess individual needs. Depending on the automation plans, the recommended solutions will differ. Once we have a better idea of the location, layout, and the type of inventory, we can personally tailor the design of the shelves.


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