Warehouse Safety Tips

May 3, 2019 10:10 pm

Accidents can happen at any time and to any person inside a warehouse. That is why it is crucial that safety be of the highest concern and that everything possible is done to keep employees, products, and supplies safe. By staying on top of potential problems, like installing commercial steel shelving, and keeping safety top of mind, one will find these dreaded accidents prevented.

Here are several warehouse safety tips that can be implemented to keep all employees, products, and supplies safe.

Keep Walkways Clear
High-trafficked walkways should be kept clear from various items such as boxes, fallen supplies, tools, etc. They should also be cleaned regularly to reduce any water that is tracked inside a warehouse on the bottom of a worker’s shoes. These items can be the main culprits for injuries inside a warehouse.

Choose Shelving Wisely
One of the best ways to keep employees and products safe is by utilizing the proper shelving. Poor shelving options may be unstable, weak, and easy to move. Steel storage shelving is ideal, because it is extremely versatile and durable. It is built with the capacity to hold high weight, and with multiple design options that allow a custom layout that best matches a company’s needs.

Obey Weight Limits
Not only is it important to choose the proper commercial steel shelving for your warehouse, but one must also obey all weight limits. It is sometimes tempting to put more items on a certain shelf than the unit can handle. However, this practice will not only damage the shelving, it can greatly increase the risk of injuries to employees or damage to products. When shelving units are installed, discuss with the steel shelves manufacturers the weight limits for each shelf. Make sure all employees are aware of these guidelines as well.

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks
it is highly important that all shelving units and other items in a warehouse be properly maintained in order to keep employees safe, inventory in excellent condition, and reduce the risk of any damage or injuries. Work with steel shelves manufacturers to determine what maintenance — if any — is needed. The warehouse should be walked through often to check for cleanliness, inspect the equipment, etc. The more effort put into the maintenance of a warehouse, the better condition all items will be in.

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