Western Pacific’s original Boltless shelving supports booming ecommerce model during COVID-19

May 27, 2020 2:23 am

stack-of-shirtsThe logistics of keeping up with steady sales growth is one thing. Dealing with unforeseen sudden growth, such as when COVID-10 precautions drove cooped-up consumers to shop online, is quite another. In either scenario, as one fast-growing online clothier has discovered, flexibility and fast response are crucial to supporting record-breaking sales.

Online personal styling services are quite popular in the United States. Now, more consumers are discovering the protections (from the pandemic) of online shopping more and more each day.

Some online personal styling services use algorithms and data science to personalize clothing suggestions; their software tracks your likes and dislikes so each package they send you is progressively more in line with your tastes in style, color, price, etc. After a while, customers can then receive a box that pleasantly surprises them with a new outfit for a specific occasion – like a weekend picnic or a special dinner, etc. One such company has done very well in this space and now as a valuation of over $1 billion.

Now, this company is installing RiveTier shelving from Western Pacific Storage Solutions in its distribution centers throughout the United States. RiveTier® Boltless Steel Shelving reduces costs while maximizing storage square footage. It can be disassembled, transported, and recombined to create extra storage where needed. Costs can be 30-40% lower than bolted shelving because rapid assembly, executed by professional installers requires much less time.

Rivetier ButtonThis clothing company has chosen RiveTier because Western’s boltless shelving is reconfigurable (something like Legos) and open so that clothing items can be picked or pulled from any side. That makes it an economical choice for picking and packing.

Western Pacific helps retailers–both online and brick & mortar–find the best storage solution for their business. Ask your regional sales manager how versatile RiveTier shelving can support fluctuating needs.

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