What are the best uses of Industrial Shelves for distribution centers?

March 27, 2020 8:14 am

Distribution warehouses benefit from flexible storage solutions due to the high turnover of items. Industrial shelving provides an efficient method of making the most of the space available in a distribution warehouse. Small parts and retail items are more efficiently stored on shelves than on pallet racks. The adjustability of industrial shelving units makes them suitable for storing a variety of items, large or small.

Two main uses for Industrial Shelving units in a distribution warehouse

Fulfillment Area
Industrial shelving units are the most useful in a high-traffic area like the packing station. This area will always be busy and need to adapt based on the picking and packing. The more organized a shipping and fulfillment area, the easier it will be for workers to find what they are looking for.

Using industrial shelves next to workstations in the fulfillment department can maximize the use of industrial storage racks. Industrial shelves save space and increase the accessibility of items. In shelving, items are stacked closer together than in racks, thus saving a lot of space. An organized back-end space is conducive to efficiency. Industrial shelves in a frequently used area are among ideal industrial storage solutions that will make getting packages moved in and out much easier.

Storing Smaller Items
Distribution warehouses may be responsible for handling smaller items or parts. These items are at a higher risk of getting misplaced, particularly if the smaller parts are used for assembly within the warehouse. Further, smaller items can include physical copies of documents that need to be stored due to legal reasons. These documents can start to take up a whole lot of space. Industrial shelves for archive storage are among the most useful industrial storage solutions for storing small items and documents that need to be easily accessed or moved around.

Industrial shelves make for a great solution for any industrial space, particularly for meeting storage needs in distribution centers. Western Pacific Storage Solutions is a top shelving manufacturer providing industrial storage solutions for warehouses. View their website for more information on their reliable industrial storage products, but not for industrial storage racks.

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