What are the Types and Applications of Industrial Shelving?

April 30, 2021 12:45 pm

Shelving is the cornerstone of a warehouse, providing the operation with its most essential need – the actual storage space. But in order for a supply chain storage facility to operate smoothly, simply filling it with shelves is far from sufficient. For successful and efficient operation, it needs to be outfitted with Metal Storage Shelves that suit its specific purposes.

The fact is that Industrial Metal Shelving comes in a wide variety of sizes, models and configurations. Each of those is better suitable to one type of warehouse or another.

In this brief overview we will go over several types of shelves and their more common applications.

Types and Models of Shelving Storage Systems
As we just mentioned, Metal Storage Shelves have a wide range of applications and types. Here we will go over the most common of them, starting from the most widely used shelf type.

The Standard 48” Wide Shelf
Likely the widest range of applications can be covered by this unit type, with a capacity of 600 lb. It is ideal for fast paced warehouses with a high turnover rate for stored goods. Most of those shelves will be assembled using clips or rivets locking them in place firmly. The pre-engineered corners on the posts provide additional durability and strength.

Heavy Duty Industrial Metal Shelving
This type of shelving is preferable for warehouses storing heavier items that require forklift handling. Units typically have two roll-out shelves extending fully for easy access by overhead crane or forklift. Also known as tool & die shelving, it is used for heavy dies, machine parts, tools and skids.

With shelves reinforced by 7 gauge steel and 12 gauge reinforced decking, built on a frame with thick reinforced angles, those Shelving Storage Systems are as strong as they make them.

It’s important to note that they require more assembly time and tools but the industrial weight per shelf load capacity and 22” clearance make them more than worth the investment.

Boltless Industrial Metal Shelving
Also known as rivet shelving, and mentioned above in passing as we talked about the standard 48” shelf type, this is also a widely used type of shelving. Designed for fast assembly and deployment, by virtue of requiring no bolts, screws or specialized tools.

Make no mistake, this also requires a professional crew to put together but it will cost less and take less time. The rivets and shelves lock together by their sheer weight requiring only a mallet to put in place.

Standard Shelving Storage Systems of this type consist of four shelves per unit and provide perfect access from all four sides because it has no cross bracing. The top shelf is also easily accessible, allowing overhead crane access in taller spaces.

The weight allowance ranges from 500 lbs to 1,200 lbs for double rivet heavy duty shelving, making this option very versatile.

Of course there is a lot more to be said and many more types of shelves available. For more information about shelf types and options, reach out to our wpss.com experts today.

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