What Are the Various Types of Work Platforms (Mezzanines) a Warehouse Might Need?

May 22, 2020 10:45 am

Interested in doubling usable warehouse space? Looking to optimize industrial space without having to spend the time and money on expanding to build entirely new facilities? “Move up, not out”, by making use of industrial (mezzanine) Work platforms! Work platforms (mezzanines) make efficient use of vertical space, so that businesses can gain increased storage space, for only 30% of the cost of a new building. If all this sounds interesting, the next step is for businesses to understand the many different types of mezzanine storage systems to choose from, so that the most appropriate work platforms (mezzanines) can be picked for each project.

Firstly, there is the option of a freestanding work platforms (mezzanines). A freestanding work platform (mezzanine) storage system offers the benefits of being unencumbered and needing less space than other methods. Freestanding work platforms (mezzanines) are kept in place by structural columns. Shelving supported metal mezzanine systems allow businesses to double up on storage.

The work platforms (mezzanines) itself will offer storage space, as will the shelves underneath that provide structure and support. Shelving supported work platforms (mezzanines) are a great option for businesses looking for as much storage space as possible. Catwalk industrial mezzanine systems include aisles that provide easy access to upper levels of the storage system. If ease of access to all levels of a storage system is important, a catwalk mezzanine is a good choice. Full mezzanine storage systems provide an interesting combination of benefits, as they can both be configured above pre-existing shelves, and can provide an open upper level of storage.

Lastly, the right work platform (mezzanine) for a specific warehouse may very well be a custom one. All Western Pacific products are custom-made, and custom engineered for every location and application in the country. Utilizing a work platform (mezzanine) allows a warehouse to be optimized for utmost efficiency and space saving, all while taking safety into account.

Work platforms (mezzanines) can also be used for so much more than storage! An upper level enclosed space can serve as a climate-controlled work platform (mezzanine) exhibit structure. All this, and more, can be achieved by finding the exact custom work platforms (mezzanines) system needed to suit each warehouse’s needs.

Hopefully this article can serve as a jumping off point for those looking to become more familiarized with the different work platforms (mezzanine) styles out there. Western Pacific also offers “Hybrid” and “Structural” work platforms (mezzanine) options, which allow businesses to choose the proper mezzanine support system to best fit their warehouses. Western Pacific is a manufacturer that always asks ourselves “How may we amaze you today?”. During the entire manufacturing process, we facilitate the highest quality service every step of the way.


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