What makes heavy duty shelving unique

June 2, 2020 1:35 pm

Heavy duty shelving has been the standard in many industries due to its exceptional qualities that augment and improve the functionality and operations of a warehouse, or manufacturing facility.

There are many types and variations of heavy duty storage shelves which fit different sets of requirements. Those are dictated by the type of wares they are used to store, type of picking operations used to move them on and off of the shelving, types of spaces they are set up in, budget considerations and more.

In brief, let’s visit the primary qualities of heavy duty commercial shelving:

  1. Variability creating uniqueness. No two shelving setups using this technology are alike because each set of heavy-duty storage shelves is custom designed and manufactured to serve a specific purpose in a very specific space or environment.
  2. Easy to augment. The basic structure of vertical columns supporting shelves, can be augmented. At a later date, one could introduce additional shelving with wire meshing, perforated panels, cross beams to support higher load capacities and more.
  3. Heavy duty shelving can be built to considerable heights making great use of vertical space and allowing for much reduced floor wastage in storing a lot of inventory. A narrow walkway aisle can grant access to a huge number of items to be picked.
  4. This type of shelving allows for easier and more efficient picking and restocking. This factor alone can reduce downtime and loss of revenue due to human error considerably, making a noticeable impact on the bottom line.
  5. Heavy duty commercial shelving can hold non palletized goods in the bottom tiers for easy pickup using manual laborers, and heavy palletized items on higher rungs where items can be stocked using forklifts or other equipment. This gives a considerable boost to warehouse efficiency and increased earnings.
  6. It can also be very easy to adapt to a warehouse’s changing needs or capacity. Shelves can be cleared of inventory and moved to another area fitted with adaptations and improvements.
  7. Last but far from least, this type of shelving system is highly adjustable to fit automated picking equipment. This upgrade may be the one most significant game changer in supply chain operations for the 21st century. While a capital investment to begin with, its capacity to increase warehouse productivity is significant. Even if there is no aim to make this upgrade now, installing shelves that will be amenable to it in the future is a good sound investment.

To summarize, heavy duty shelving is by far the best, most versatile and efficient way to outfit a 21st century warehouse for maximum efficiency now and into the future. Get more information about heavy duty shelving from Western Pacific Storage Solutions.

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