What to Avoid While Purchasing Storage Solutions

May 29, 2020 9:32 am

Warehouses that are designed to store an abundance of products need enough space to store a multitude of items. Retailers with mass operations like Amazon need efficient and large scale shelving solutions in order to effectively and easily store inventory. Efficient industrial metal shelving with easy accessibility is vital. However, when it comes to purchasing substantial storage solutions, there are a number of mistakes that can be made. Below are some of the most common shelving solution errors, and how to avoid them.

What to Avoid

Not Knowing Storage Requirements and Specification
When purchasing shelving storage systems, it is important to consider what equipment will be used to remove items from shelving. Whether it is a forklift, pallet jack, or other types of heavy-duty equipment, these factors matter. Once the equipment has been established, the precise space needed in between shelving systems can be determined. This can overall help assist the size and amount of storage that can fit in the space. Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) offers custom storage solutions that are individually manufactured for each individual warehouse project.

Knowing the products that the shelving will hold is vital. Keep in mind that the shelving must support the weight of the items that sit on it. WPSS’ industrial shelving is available in open and closed units so that individual warehouse needs can be met. Knowing the size and overall dimensions of the items can help determine the number of shelves needed and how many can fit in a space, so it is important to know the storage requirements before ordering custom shelving.

Not Choosing the Right Materials
For industrial storage solutions there is no better material than steel. WPSS’ products are all manufactured with high grade steel that is both durable and cost effective. Steel shelving solutions can be added onto with work platforms (mezzanines), and catwalks so that as warehouses grow and expand, the shelving systems are scalable.

Industrial Metal Shelving
To avoid shelving storage mistakes, consider industrial metal shelving. When searching for the perfect industrial storage solutions, WPSS is here for you. WPSS is an engineering and manufacturing company that assists in providing high-quality industrial storage solutions for different needs. The shelving solutions are ideal for warehouses and industrial spaces. WPSS uses RiveTier boltless shelving systems for easy and useful shelving solutions. Other shelving services include Pacific double-deck efficiently engineered industrial steel storage shelving units that are perfect for expansion and reducing space. WPSS also offers heavy-duty shelving for commercial solutions and more.

For more information about industrial storage solutions and additional services, contact WPSS today.

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