When and Where Is Wide Span Shelving Required?

May 8, 2020 2:38 pm

Wide-span shelving is an effective way to distribute and organize bulk storage in a warehouse. It is especially beneficial for bulky, heavy items that are not safe for keeping on high shelves. Wide-span shelving is also useful in commercial spaces where consumers or stakeholders may want to see the products on display. In large warehouse-store hybrids, wide-span shelving could be the best solution for making items accessible without needing heavy-duty equipment for item retrieval from the industrial steel shelving.

So, where are wide-span storage shelving solutions more effective than others? Where should these be installed, rather than vertical steel shelving systems that are regularly favored for maximizing storage space in facilities?

These are the types of settings where wide span shelving would be appropriate:

  • Hardware stores or warehouses selling lumber and other large bulk building materials
  • Garages or suppliers selling industrial manufacturing parts
  • Shops selling products that require wide storage (pets, terrariums, aquariums, home decor, office supplies, etc.)
  • Museums or galleries to keep their products visible at eye-level but protected from theft or damage

In warehouses with multiple floors or industrial work platforms (mezzanines), wide-span shelving is the best way to optimize storage space when the height is not necessarily available.

If storage requires items to be left unpackaged, like cut wood, siding materials, manufacturing tools, mechanic materials, and more, wide-span storage could be the best solution. This is useful, especially in commercial settings, for store staff to quickly grab the large items for consumers to buy on-the-spot. Choosing wider and lower industrial steel shelving is most beneficial for locations that are frequently handling and moving materials to be stored, displayed, and emptied from sales or regular shipments.

Wide-span shelves are handy storage shelving solutions that offer efficiency and reduce the hassle of packaging products that consumers want to see for themselves before buying. This eliminates the costs of packaging and extra labor. Choosing wide-span steel shelving units could also reduce the chances of occupational injuries with less need for reaching heights or using heavy-duty equipment.

For heavy products, wide-span industrial steel shelving may be the best option. By choosing trustworthy manufacturers, it is guaranteed the high-density systems will remain in place for employee safety and prevent damage to materials. They are easy to navigate in warehouse settings, with established runways between shelving units. In warehouses with low height but covering a large area space, these shelves will be the best option for keeping materials organized and easily retrievable for simple storage input and output processing.

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