When is the Right Time to Redesign your Warehouse?

July 22, 2019 8:20 pm

Is the lack of storage space in one’s warehouse causing frustration? This is a common problem — space inefficiency is something that can develop in even the most successful warehouse and distribution centers. It’s is generally an indicator that one’s business and inventory have expanded beyond one’s expectations. If one’s inventory is beginning to crowd and outpace capacity,  it’s time to rethink and recalibrate one’s space with more metal storage shelves . Here are a few signs that it’s time to redesign the warehouse.

Misused Space
The most obvious sign that a redesign is needed is misappropriated space. A facility walk-through with potential capicity in mind will demonstrate. Is there available space that is not being employed? Every volume inch of a warehouse matters, and the ability to install as many shelving units as safely possible within it is crucial.

While it is possible over-utilize space, for example by keeping aisles too close together, this can be avoided by taking the to develop a proper organizational system and expansion plan for one’s inventory. Mistakes can be extremely costly and result in product damage — or worse, injured employees.

If a facility walk-through reveals any of these issues, it’s time to recalibrate one’s storage capacity. One can consider an architectural plan to engineer and install new industrial storage systems that offer enough vertical space for storage. This can reduce the square footage that shelves normally require, and will enable additional shelving to be installed safely, with proper aisle width for employees and warehouse vehicles to move through with ease.

Cost Increases
This is a challenge for warehouse managers, who may not necessarily link cost increases to flaws in warehouse design. When one acquires more inventory, it’s likely that costs will rise. For example, more inventory can translate into more employees to pay. However, in a space-optimized warehouse, there should be no rise in costs beyond anticipated maintenance. Poorly utilized space requires that one find solutions to work around design flaws – resulting in more time and money spent, particularly in employee overtime costs. Cut time and cost and boost efficiency by using industrial storage solutions to develop a fluid layout that enables fast, safe work.

Efficiency Issues
If one is noticing increased employee conflict and work-flow within the warehouse, some investigating may reveal that it’s because of warehouse layout. Poorly designed storage centers are prone to collision points that prevent workers from doing their jobs effectively. Redesigning facility storage capacity can increase both employee productivity and morale.

Have you experienced any of these problems at your warehouse or distribution center? Western Pacific Storage Solutions doesn’t just provide metal storage shelves — we can help you create an optimal warehouse layout that will help your business thrive. Contact our team for a quote.

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