Why are Boltless RiveTier Shelving Systems so Popular?

May 19, 2020 10:23 am

With over 30 years of experience, the RiveTier product line from Western Pacific Storage Solutions is the industry standard that warehouses stand by. Over the years, RiveTier has found new and better solutions to warehouse problems that deliver high-quality steel storage systems.

Boltless shelving from RiveTier is the original shelving solution that is cost effective and durable. RiveTier has been used for years by those seeking to efficiently maximize the space they use for storage in the warehouse. Utilizing boltless steel shelving from RiveTier will make warehouse storage a breeze and bring considerable long-term benefits.

Here are some advantages of using boltless industrial shelving:

  • Customizable
    Its adaptability and adjustability are unmatched. It can be custom built according to the needs of the warehouse. Storage shelves can be situated at varying heights to accommodate multiple sizes in one unit.
  • Economical
    RiveTier boltless steel shelving is one of the most cost effective ones in the world. They are more affordable as compared to other warehouse storage units. They also provide more floor space in the warehouse giving more room to employees to move around and also consider future expansion plans.
  • Durability
    Long lasting and stable enough to take on heavy duty items – RiveTier shelving is the ideal storage solution. RiveTier is strong – it can take on your toughest storage jobs. With a weight capacity of more than a ton per shelf, it adds up to one high-capacity shelving system.
  • Provides product visibility
    It is common to waste precious time rummaging through clustered shelves or storage bins. However, with RiveTier boltless industrial shelving, all the stored items will be visible, enabling employees to pick and drop as needed in order to get work done effectively and efficiently.

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Features

  • The weight capacity ranges up to 1400 lbs. / shelf
  • Maximum shelf size of 4 ft. by 8 ft.
  • Heights of up to 21 ft. with no splicing
  • Shelving materials include particle board, melamine, wire grating, corrugated metal, and metal shelves

Storage Facilities Solutions from WPSS
At WPSS, you can get RiveTier boltless shelving at reasonable costs It is the original, completely boltless storage system without which any warehouse is incomplete. Contact WPSS for a free quote or call our National Customer Service Centre on 800-732-9777 for more information.

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