Why are steel shelves the ideal choice for warehouses?

June 21, 2020 12:44 pm

One of the most popular materials used for shelving in many industries is steel. Industrial steel shelving comes in various sizes and styles, all of which enable businesses to organize their warehouses, outlets or distribution centers.

Steel shelving makes it easy to store a variety of goods without needing to use pallet racks. When considering using a steel storage shelving system in a warehouse, here are some of its key advantages.

Product Visibility
Industrial steel shelving enables warehouses to store products in an organized manner that makes it easy for operators to pick and pack specific items. This increases work efficiency and decreases errors in picking or miscounting. Goods can be stored on the shelving according to size, style, SKU, or price.

Safer Storage
If the warehouse inventory includes delicate or fragile items, such as electronics or high-value items, steel shelves are the perfect option for safe storage.  Steel provides a damage-resistant shelving so that easily breakable items can be stored safely. This can help to reduce losses and expenses.

High Durability
Warehouses are areas with high volumes of traffic. Products are frequently moved in and out of place, and warehouse shelving storage systems will be subject to wear and tear. Unlike plastic or wood storage options, steel shelves can withstand heavy use without requiring repairs.

Temperature Resistant
Alongside being damage resistant, steel storage shelving is highly resistant to extreme temperatures. When dealing with manufacturing goods that cause a significant rise in environmental temperature, steel is one of the best materials for your shelving systems. They are also effective in areas that often get exposed to the elements, such as shelving near a doorway or loading bay.

Another great benefit of steel shelving storage systems is their customization. All shelving systems from Western Pacific Storage Solutions are customized to the size and shape of the warehouse, retail outlet, or distribution center. Steel shelves can also be used to add extra units and storage space, and increased working space. This is perfect when the warehouse grows and expands, so it can meet the increasing demands for products.

The versatility and customization options of steel shelving make it a popular choice over alternative materials. Their uses expand beyond the initial installation.

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