Why boltless shelving is a great storage solution

July 10, 2020 10:10 am

Boltless shelving has revolutionized storage solutions. Many storage shelves installed for storage units, business settings, and industrial purposes have shifted to a boltless shelving system.

This is because boltless shelving promises many benefits that make storage of all levels more convenient. When dealing with a large inventory, organizing for efficient safekeeping is extremely important.

Here’s why many commercial storage warehouses prefer boltless shelving systems.

Heavy Duty
Many commercial storage facilities have specific storage scale requirements. Online businesses running with large inventory, industries storing products and raw materials, or automotive stores racking the tires – all of these require large-scale storage solutions.

Boltless shelves are made from 14-gauge industrial-strength steel. Boltless steel shelving allows the storage of bulky items with greater capacity. Moreover, the design of boltless shelving conserves space and maximizes storage areas which makes it an ideal option for commercial storage.

Even within commercial storage operations, businesses and industries require varying levels of durability and strength. Western Pacific Storage Solutions manufactures a range of boltless steel shelving depending on individual needs. Bulk shelving systems have stronger reinforcements that can handle heavier weights. The steel supports have varying thicknesses to ensure that they are extra durable.

Moreover, boltless shelving can also be customized for special case storage solutions. For example, tire shops use carefully engineered horizontal beam racks with curved flanges to cradle tires. Similarly, automotive stores install tailpipe racks to hang truck tailpipes.

Shelf Heights
A boltless shelving system allows the shelf height to be customized pre-installation. This makes storage more efficient. Even within the same shelving unit, shelves can be placed at different heights to accommodate all kinds of products. This works well for businesses with a comprehensive, varied inventory.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions offers users the option to customize their boltless shelving system according to their requirements. Users can request WPSS design and create their shelves despite the wide variety of shelving types. Boltless shelving can be easily disassembled by installers and recombined to create extra storage as needed. The decking is also customizable, amongst which the most commonly used are particle board, steel decking, and wire decking.

Robot and forklift friendly
Because boltless shelving systems are common in industrial settings, they can be designed to be robot-friendly. The four-sided access and minimal yet robust supports, can allow robots and machines like forklifts to easily maneuver around boltless shelving units.

To access great options for boltless shelving, have a look at our exclusive line and schedule a call with the Western Pacific Storage Solutions team.


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