Why is Boltless Shelving a Preferred Choice by Businesses?

May 21, 2020 10:47 am

Picking the right shelving system can be daunting, because it is such an important decision. Opting for the shelving system that is most ideal will give businesses a continual and everyday leg up in terms of productivity, ease of use, and overall economic factors as well. An appropriate shelving system makes jobs easier and will pay for itself down the line. This is why it is important to know about what kinds of shelving systems are out there, so that the most informed choice can be made when it comes time to buy. A great choice to consider, especially when looking to store goods with irregular shapes or smaller mass, is boltless shelving.

Boltless industrial shelving offers a host of benefits in the short and long term. Straight away, there is the fact that it will offer immediate economic benefits. This is because boltless shelving offers threefold cost cutting measures! Not only will the initial cost of the shelving be less when opting for boltless, it will also be cheaper to install. That is because a boltless system like the WPSS manufactured RiveTier system requires much less assembly time than other shelving options. In fact, RiveTier assembly costs, on average, a whole 30-40% less than the cost of assembly for bolted shelving systems. Assembly is so much more efficient, that only a rubber mallet for the rivets will be required by Professional assemblers, with no other tools needed! Amateurs should not try.

Once installed, RiveTier shelving systems will continue paying dividends in efficiency and time saving. That is because boltless steel shelving makes much more efficient use of space and can fit more product into less square footage than other options on the market. The completely custom made and freestanding RiveTier boltless system increases visibility of products and offers the coveted and helpful “four-sided access” to goods being stored.

Finally, boltless systems offer durability and longevity, so that businesses can get the most of their storage investments. The shelving is constructed of steel, and units can be customized to hold fairly heavy loads. In fact, the RiveTier system offers four different beam styles, so that all capacity requirements can be met. With so many short- and long-term benefits, it is clear that going boltless is a fantastic choice for businesses looking to save money, boost efficiency, and increase durability.

Businesses interested in reaping these benefits can look no further than Western Pacific Storage Solutions, or WPSS for short. Our motto is “serving the smartest links in the supply chain”. Because at Western Pacific, we are always looking to manufacture the highest quality products possible to suit the ever-changing storage needs, and storage regulations, on the market. From the moment a job is clocked, to when the goods are delivered to the customer, we will facilitate the highest quality service every step of the way.


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