Why is Industrial Shelving the Ideal Storage Option?

April 28, 2021 12:33 pm

The primary factor that any warehouse needs to maximize is its capacity, but it’s never as simple as just shelf space. Clever and careful planning of the entire space is needed to make optimal use of Industrial Storage Racks and shelving.

There are also considerations such as safety and accessibility to keep in mind when designing, outfitting and staffing a supply chain warehouse.

Another aspect most Steel Shelves Manufacturers also factor into their available product lines is versatility. In our day and age, a single storage facility should be able to house and move a wide range of inventory of varying bulk and weight. Careful planning is indeed in order.

But there is one item that can serve as a cornerstone of such a facility and that is Commercial steel shelving. There are varieties of it, of course, but at its essence this type of storage unit provides an optimal foundation to maximize efficiency on all those fronts.

It is durable, strong, versatile and maximally safe in a busy supply chain warehouse environment. But let’s examine those qualities in more detail.

Superior Qualities of Commercial Steel Shelving
Versatility is likely the more complex of the above-mentioned qualities and will require a closer look. In order to make a shelving type versatile, it needs to have several attributes which this type of shelving definitely possesses.

Steel Shelving is Highly Customizable
This means, among other things, the ability to assemble shelves of different heights, making room for smaller and larger items to be stored alongside. Creating varying shelf depth for different purposes can also drastically enhance the versatility of a storage space.

This plays directly into the efficient use of space, by individually configuring each shelving unit to specific applications. Taller and deeper shelves can be used for drums or pallets, other shelves can be equipped with bins for smaller parts. All of this not only enhances the use of the space but also improves picking times, providing more efficient use of it.

Versatility Derived from Durability
Another bonus of steel shelves is the fact they are corrosion resistant and can be used to house potentially corrosive wares. This makes them suitable for storing pharmaceuticals as easily as automotive parts or liquid chemical drums.

Industrial Storage Racks are a lot more specialised for example in terms of housing different inventory, making steel shelving the preferable choice in this regard.

Enhanced Product Visibility
Steel Shelves Manufacturers offer shelving options with open backing which allows for optimal product visibility. This is a by-product of the material used, being sturdy enough to not need additional backing for strength.

As a result, personnel working the aisles can identify the inventory and access it with ease. This in turn contributes not only to efficiency but also to safety, indirectly.

Enhancing Warehouse Safety with Industrial Storage Racks and Steel Shelving
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