Why it is important to invest in the Right Shelving System

August 26, 2019 8:27 pm

There are many manufacturers of industrial shelving in the market today. Several shelving-specific companies and even hardware stores offer a host of shelving choices for a business operation. All this choice isn’t always a good thing— sometimes, one might feel the pressure of business time-demands to make a shelving choice without conducting the proper research. There are many importance aspects of application, safety and space to consider when choosing shelving units and metal mezzanine systems (work platforms). Here’s why purchasing the right shelving system for the right space is crucial for any business or warehouse operation.

Safety is Paramount
Employee safety is a chief concern when it comes to deciding on which mezzanine storage systems (work platforms) to install. Buying the an inappropriate shelving system could be extremely dangerous — if the shelf purchased can’t bear the load required or is unstable after installation, this could result in work-related injuries. One must also consider that the shelving system acquired is constructed with fire-code compliant materials.

The proper shelving system should be made of strong materials with have load capacities higher than the amount needed for an operation. If one is considering expanding vertically to create multiple floors of shelving space, it’s critical that this multi-level system be stable and wobble-proof. WPSS shelving and multi-level storage systems have rigid framing to support high load capacity and meet seismic zone requirements.

Planning is key for an efficient set-up and installation
It is important to consider installation time when deciding which shelving to install at a given facility. Many shelving distributors have products with complex assembly that require professionals to install. The more complicated the set-up process is, the longer this installation will take. In a high-volume warehouse operation where efficient storage, distribution and work-flow is critical, time is of the essence.

Look for a shelving company that can guarantee you a smooth, efficient set-up with minimal downtime. If you’re looking into industrial mezzanine systems (work platforms), search for a shelving company that offers reliable, professional installation at a reasonable cost.

Customization = adaptability
Not every shelving company has units that can be customized. Custom accessories are necessary if an operation has specific needs that can’t be met by standard steel shelving. If one’s storage needs include items of various sizes, consider attachments such as bins, shelves, or doors. If goods are to be stored in a showroom setting, then shelving with back and side panels should be considered.

Having trouble deciding what shelving company to team up with? Talk to our team at Western Pacific Storage Solutions. We provide our customers with the best shelving solutions on the market today. Our systems meet industry safety standards and can be customized to meet whatever business needs you have. Contact us today to get started.

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